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Easily prepare your application for production through a dedicated team of 20 experienced testers.

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What Include

20 Testers

Our experienced testers will thoroughly test your app over a 14-day period, providing valuable feedback and identifying any issues.

14 Days

Our experienced testers will thoroughly test your app over a 14-day period, providing valuable feedback and identifying any issues.

Apps Feedback

We provide detailed feedback and analysis, helping you understand user experiences and improve your app before the final release.

100+ Apps Published

We have helped more than 100+ app developers publish their apps to the Google Play Console.

Weekly Update

We will provide you with weekly updates on your app’s test reports. This will help you track test results and feedback.

ASO Guide

Our team will assess your app’s readiness for production, ensuring you meet all necessary criteria to proceed with confidence.

How it Works

Add App Release in Closed Testing

Closed Testing Track in Google Playstore is a feature that allows app developers to invite individual or groups of users for testing before submitting the app for publishing. 

Get 20 Testers

20 Testers Start Working on it

Closed testing: Our dedicated group of testers will rigorously test your app over a continuous 14-day period to ensure compliance with Google Play guidelines.

Get 20 Testers

App Is ready For Production

After 14 days of testing, you can now submit your app for production. After Google’s review, your app will be live on the Play Store.

Get 20 Testers


A closed testing release

Make sure you’ve created a closed testing release instead of an internal testing release. And that release got approved by Play Console (not in reviewing status).

Get 20 Testers

 Pakistan is on your app region list

All our testers are in Pakistan so we are only able to test the app that is available in Pakistan.
If your app is not serving in Pakistan you can change it later when the testing process completes.
When adding a new region to your app region list, it requires you to submit this change to get approved by Play Console, please do it.

Add our testers email to your tester list

fter you place an order on our website, we will show you the tester email list.
When you add them to your tester list sometime it requires you to submit changes to Play Console to get approved, please do it.
If you have a problem with bulk adding emails please try to add them one by one.

Get 20 Testers

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Get 20 Testers



  • 10 Devices
  • 10 Testers
  • 7 Days of testing
  • Launch & Monitor
  • Basic Help


  • 20 Devices
  • 20 Testers
  • 14 Days of testing
  • Launch & Monitor
  • Priority Customer Support
  • Video Guideline
Get 20 Testers

Reasons to Choose Us

We’re good at testing apps and follow all the right steps

We’ll make sure your app is ready for the Play Store on time.

Always keep you updated and be honest about everything.

Simply Amazing

Working with 20-testers.app was a game-changer for our app’s development and launch process. Their comprehensive testing services not only identified critical issues we hadn’t noticed but also provided insightful feedback that greatly enhanced our app’s functionality and user experience. Thanks to their expert team, our app has now successfully launched on Google Play and is receiving positive reviews from users. I highly recommend 20-testers.app to any developer looking to ensure their app is market-ready and poised for success.”
Jimmy Smith
Happy Customer

We understand the challenges developers face with the new Google Play Store policies. Starting November 13, 2023, individual developers are required to conduct closed testing with at least 20 internal testers for a minimum of 14 days before unlocking the Production Tab, essential for app publishing.

We offer comprehensive testing services that allow you to hire 20 professional app testers for 14 consecutive days at an affordable price. Our experts will help streamline the testing process and ensure that your app meets all necessary criteria and is ready for a successful launch on the Google Play Store.